• Given the economic, emotional and educational difficulties which we believe are needs to be met, the Institution focuses on providing aid in family, work and social integration aimed at children, teenagers and adults who are facing a position of vulnerability by working on the prevention, treatments, formation and training of the beneficiaries to help them reentry into society and family life.
  • Provide emotional support throughout recovery. We are aimed at dignifying and promoting the essence and values of each person who is in need of our services.
  • Vision

  • Our vision is to become a model by promoting physical, mental and spiritual health and social integration.
  • Based on HUMAN DIGNITY as our premise, we work in an interdisciplinary way in order to improve the persons' quality of life.
  • Values

  • LISTENING, COMMITMENT, HOPE are the values we work on.
  • Our motto "SOMETHING STARTS TO CHANGE" constitutes the force to grow and move forward in life.