• The increase of traumatic and distressing events which could not be treated during the last decades and had to be endured as a consequence of a selfish, materialistic and consumerist postmodern world, has had an adverse effect on the emotions of the population and provoked anxiety, sadness and anger. Failure to channel these emotions, has lead to an increase in the irresistible urge to achieve an apparent tension release through the use of substances (drugs, alcohol, medicines such as tranquilizers and pain killers) and activities out of control in a repeated manner (physical exercise, sex, shopping, problem gambling), amongst others. The above referenced substance abuse and activities apparently constitute a means to channel these negative emotions.
  • The lack of emotional resources and an adequate training to handle these traumatic and distressing events in the most harmonious manner give raise to negative consequences in people.
  • These facts have driven our Institution to develop specific tools and to make them available to our vast population in need to fill an emptiness which is extremely upsetting and painful and to be able to find a reason to continue living.