• At Asociación Civil El Almendro, the body in charge of making the most important decisions is the Members' Meeting which appointed an executive committee to conduct the affairs of the Institution and which is comprised as follows:

    President: Gustavo Mascó, Priest

    Secretary: Fabián Candia, Architect

    Treasurer: Alfredo Peitiado, Technitian

  • The approach to deal with traumatic and distressing events is based on several disciplines and is aimed at cross-sectors. Our team's work is based on the anthropocentric philosophy. We believe the human being to be biopsychosocial and spiritual, and we offer treatments to improve their quality of life.

  • The professional team that helps us to accomplish this mission is comprised as follows:

    Psychiatrists, Therapists, Social Psychologists, Philosophers, Theologians, Social Workers, Nutritionists, Chemical Dependency Counselors, Teachers, Lawyers and a team in charge of communications and finance.

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